Supporting St Richard's Hospice with our Worcester Skip Hire for Christmas Tree Recycling

Blackpole Recycling is supporting St Richard’s Hospice to provide Christmas tree recycling services to Worcester.

St Richard's Hospice Christmas Tree Recycling

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and Blackpole Recycling Worcester Skip Hire are proudly supporting St Richard’s Hospice with their annual Christmas tree recycling and collection.

As we start celebrating the festive season, we all look forward to putting up our Christmas trees and decorating to our heart’s content. For those opting for a real Christmas tree this year, it’s worth thinking about what you will do when your tree’s thistles fall, and it’s time to take the decorations down.

At Blackpole Recycling, we support St Richard’s Hospice and their fantastic Christmas tree recycling service that follows our environmentally friendly approach to sustainable waste removal.

How are the Christmas Trees Recycled?

St Richard’s Hospice asks for a donation of your choice for this service, so seeing as Christmas is the season of giving, by using this service, you not only are giving to St Richard’s Hospice but also giving back to the environment!

Once the Christmas trees are collected, we will be on hand to shred and recycle them! Not only are we helping the charity with their service, but we are also helping the environment by ensuring the wood recycling is transformed from waste to energy. This is done by transferring the wood waste to a power station where it can be used for energy.

By choosing St Richard's Hospice Christmas tree collection, you choose an eco-friendly way to recycle your used Christmas Trees. At Blackpole Recycling, we are committed to sustainable waste disposal and Christmas tree recycling with our Worcester skip hire.

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How is my Christmas tree collected?

The brilliant volunteers will be in force for Christmas tree collection and recycling throughout Worcestershire on Sunday, the 7th, and Monday, the 8th of January 2024. If you would like to use this wonderful Christmas tree recycling service, register your Christmas tree for collection online before 11pm on Tuesday 2nd of January 2024.

When you register for this service, they ask that you leave your Christmas tree in your supply location. they ask you to put your tree in this location on Saturday, 6th January, for collection over the next two days. Unfortunately, they can’t provide a specific collection time, but rest assured they will be along to collect your Christmas tree for recycling on Sunday or Monday.

After Christmas tree collection, all Christmas trees are given to us and the experienced volunteer chippers, who will chip the trees to be reused in environmentally friendly ways.

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St Richards Hospice is a local charity that provides palliative and end of life care to patients and their families in Worcestershire. They do amazing work supporting those who are facing a life-limiting illness, and we are honoured to be able to help them continue their vital work.

Every Christmas, Carrie-Ann, ambassador for St Richard’s Hospice along with Blackpole Recycling, and Ball Mill Logs offer our services to St Richard's Hospice to help recycle Christmas Trees. Not only is the charity benefiting, but we are also helping to make sure the unwanted Christmas trees are being transformed into energy by supplying the wood chippings to a power station for waste-to-energy.

St Richard’s Hospice

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If you’re planning to have the whole family round over Christmas, it’s not too late to hire a skip with Blackpole Recycling to chuck some of the clutter you’ve been meaning to get rid of since last Christmas…or possibly some unwanted Christmas presents that you don’t want to be found in the drawer. We have a range of domestic skip hire sizes available to suit your needs.

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Let’s make this festive season merry, bright…and green!

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