Recycled Aggregate

We recycle construction and demolition waste into high quality aggregate. This can then be used in a variety of applications including road building, construction and landscaping.

Reusing existing concrete waste by crushing and compressing it to create new concrete aggregate, is a more cost-effective solution than purchasing from a supplier.

Upcycling not only allows for more valuable space in landfill sites, but it also creates new products from waste materials.

At Blackpole Recycling, we offer both the collection of waste materials for recycling and also sell the recycled aggregate too, so whether you need builders rubble removal or are on the lookout to purchase recycled aggregate we can help!

How to recycle stone

Recycled aggregate is produced by crushing and screening stone or concrete waste to remove contaminants such as reinforcement, paint, and other debris. The remaining concrete is then crushed down into smaller pieces, turning it into recycled aggregate.

Uses for recycled aggregate

Recycled aggregate can be used in a variety of ways in construction and landscaping projects. Recycled concrete is most effective in compaction projects, but it has other useful applications as well. For example, It can act as the foundation on wet or soft ground.

Some of the other recycled aggregates' most common uses include:

  • As a base material for roads, pathways, and driveways

  • As a drainage material

  • As a Fill material

Advantages of recycled aggregate

The use of recycled aggregate can have many benefits:

  • It's a more budget-friendly option than stone that is straight from the quarry.

  • It's a sturdy material that can withstand bad weather and wet or soft ground.

  • Less energy is used than in the production of traditional concrete

  • It doesn't damage natural environments like mining does.

Disadvantages of recycled aggregate

  • There can be impurities in the aggregate that can lower the quality of the concrete 

  • The colour of recycled aggregate concrete can be lighter than traditional concrete. 

  • There can be inconsistency in the surfaces if not refined 

  • The strength of the material can be significantly impacted if there is too much aggregate mixed in with the concrete 

Rubble removal turned into recycled aggregate

At Blackpole Recycling, we aim to make rubble removal as easy and efficient as possible for our clients, as well as be as kind to the environment as we can. Building rubble removal can then be recycled and used as aggregate in construction projects. 

This process of recycling rubble into useful materials is important in diverting waste from landfill, as well as reducing the environmental impact of construction projects.

When rubble is removed from a site, it is taken to our recycling centre, where it is sorted and separated into different types of material. After the rubble is crushed, it goes through a screening process to be transformed into recycled aggregate.

Read our blog to find out why 6F2 is the key to a sustainable construction.

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Choose Blackpole Recycling for your recycled aggregate supplies

When you choose Blackpole Recycling to fulfil your 6F2 aggregate needs, you can rest assured that you have chosen the most efficient business near you. Our 6F2 aggregate stands unmatched for its durability and adaptability, making it an essential material for projects of all scales. Sourced entirely from recycled materials, our 6F2 aggregate is more than just sturdy; it’s also an environmentally conscious material that will showcase your commitment to sustainable practices.

With a track record of supplying vast quantities like 30,000 tonnes of recycled aggregate within six months, our reliability and capabilities have been proven time and again - but this is just a glimpse of what we can do.

Choose Blackpole Recycling for your next project and experience not only the unyielding strength of our 6F2 aggregate but also the satisfaction of contributing to a more sustainable future.

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If you are looking for recycled aggregate, you may be eligible for a commercial account with us which gives you access to a range of benefits including credit limit and competitive rates. 

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