Waste recycling

At Blackpole we are experts in waste recycling, with 98% of all of the waste we receive being recycled currently and an aim to increase this to 100%

Waste recycling processes

Whether domestic or commercial, the waste we receive is processed and sorted into each of the different materials as each one is recycled differently. 

  1. When the waste arrives at our depot, we go through the following processes:
  2. Skips come in ot the site and are tipped on the floor
  3. Waste contents are hand sorted or mechanically sorted to separate out bulk items and each of the different materials 
  4. Recycled aggregate, such as stone, hardcore, soil and rubble is all recycled together to be used on building sites. 
  5. Wood is taken to the wood bay for shredding and then to the power station for waste to energy 
  6. Paper and cardboard goes to companies to shred and recycle
  7. Metal is taken to companies to be recycled and reused
  8. Smaller items are put through our trommel machine for further sorting, which uses a magnet to pull out any remaining metal 
  9. General waste that remains is moved into the GM pile for the incinerator

Aiming to achieve 100% of waste recycling

While we already recycle 98% of the waste that is delivered to us, we aim to reach 100% of all waste being recycled. We are always looking to see how we can improve our processes and reach this goal!

Worcester recycling; how we get the waste

At Blackpole we provide household recycling in Worcester and a 20 mile radius around the local area. You can either send us your waste through skip hire, or through some of our commercial offerings including commercial skip hire, bulk haulage and trade waste disposal.

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For more information about Blackpole Recycling, and the services and products we offer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our team will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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