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We work closely with a local groundwork company to supply recycled aggregate for putting roadways into housing developments.

We work closely with a local groundwork company to supply recycled aggregate for putting roadways into housing developments. Over a six month period so far we supplied 30,000 tonnes of 6F2.

6F2 is crushed hardcore, concrete and brick and mortar usually supplied in sizes up to 40mm down to a fine dust. It’s very durable when compacted making an effective sub-base for roads, buildings, piling mats and general backfill. 6F2 can also be used as bulk fill to build up levels, as a temporary hard standing or for firming up soft or wet ground.

Every bit of 6F2 aggregate from Blackpole Recycling originates from materials that enter our facility, undergo stringent sorting, and are transformed into durable aggregate. This continual repurposing sustains an efficient, circular economy that characterises our operations. By choosing our recycled aggregate, you’re supporting a sustainable, waste-free construction industry, breathing now life into what was once considered waste.

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Why choose us for recycled aggregate?

By choosing Blackpole Recycling as your go-to provider for 6F2 aggregate needs, you are choosing reliable assurance of partnering with a leading and efficient operation in the Worcester and Worcestershire area.

Our 6F2 aggregate sets the benchmark for resilience and versatility, making it an indispensable resource for construction projects of all shapes and sizes. Exclusively manufactured from recycled materials, our 6F2 aggregate not only provides robustness but also displays your dedication to sustainable construction practices; an industry practice that is becoming more significant in recent years. Our proven ability to deliver significant amounts of recycled aggregate attests to our unwavering reliability and expansive capabilities. For example, we were able to deliver 30,000 tonnes of recycled aggregate in a six-month period. However, this is just a mere glimpse of our reliability.

Partner with Blackpole Recycling for your upcoming project and experience not only the enduring strength of our 6F2 aggregates but also the satisfaction that comes with supporting a sustainable future. For more information about Blackpole Recycling, and the services and products we offer, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our team will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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